Diamond drill skid set up fly or drag

Constructed as a base to mount a diamond drill with floor system and shack. Can be built with lightweight aluminum for fly jobs or steel assemblies.

Drill Step

A durable step for entry points of the drill rig.


  • Railing can be moved to either side of step
  • Non slip self-cleaning expanded metal tread
  • 24” width
  • Can be custom built to any height

Fuel Sloop

The fuel sloop is designed to get fuel where you need it most. No matter the conditions the fuel sloop will pull effortlessly behind a Cat or Skidder.


  • 16 inch heavy-duty skids shoed with Hardox 450 plate for long life
  • Heavy-duty draw bar style pivoting hitch
  • Compete railing for protection of fuel vault
  • Compatible with the 3000L and 4700L Trans cube fuel vaults. Other fuel tanks can be mounted with mounting ear modifications.
  • Empty weight of sloop and 4700L transcube 7500 LBS.

Heavy Duty Steel Rod Sloop

Heavy duty construction to last the abuse of moving around a rough site, this rod sloop is sheeted with steel sheet on the walls and an extra thick layer underneath as a skid plate.


  • 16” I beam braced skids with Hardox 450 shoeing for long life.
  • Durable hitch with universal tongue
  • Strong removable channel tailgates
  • Capacity of 1256 metres of NQ drill rod

* Option to add fold down tailgate on rear as well as option to remove storage compartment in front.

Hydraulic Cement Mixer

Used in application for mixing a slurry cement to grout existing drill hole.


  • Removable grizzly grate for breaking lumpy cement into water mixture
  • 2” NPT drain plug for clean out
  • Hydraulic motor that can be powered from your rig on site
  • Dimensions are 36” in diameter X 32” tall

Longyear LS-600 Sonic Drill Enclosure

Completely unitized enclosure with tower hooping and tarp system allowing this rig to operate in sub-zero temperatures and extreme conditions.

Includes tarp and hooping system for folding tailgate to allow support unit to attach to drill.

*see also “sonic drill support unit”

Sonic drill support unit enclosure

Complete enclosure to allow drilling and rod handling operations to continue in sub-zero and extreme conditions.

This assembly comes complete with air system that is fed from drill rig to operate air crane with rod tongs.


  • Adjustable rod racks with tie down lugs
  • Non slip flooring
  • Heavy duty deck design with hydraulic leveling legs

Mud Tank / Mixing Tank

Complete set up to mix drilling fluids in top tank with built in mud mixer. Once fluids are finished mixing they can be dumped into lower tank to pump down hole while a new mixture has been started in upper tank.


  • Hydraulic mud mixer with bronze propeller & flow divider to adjust speed
  • 2” dump valve

Seacan Skid setup & workshop conversion


  • Seacan is mounted on 10” skids (either shoed or unshoed)
  • Complete with drawbar style pivoting hitch
  • Entry door is added at end of container
  • Interior is studded wired and spray foamed
  • Custom lighting is mounted
  • Any type of cabinetry, racking or work benches can then be added to make a durable & portable facility.

Skidder Bucket

Designed to be pinned to any skidder blade allowing you to transport gear in difficult terrain.


  • Tie down lugs to secure cargo
  • Front channels for drop in planks

Steel pump/ frost fighter skid shack

The skid mounted Frost fighter/ pump enclosure can be fitted for different applications. Set up in the photo as a mobile heating unit, everything is contained in one place and can be relocated quickly from site to site.


  • 16” skids shoed with Hardox 450 for long life
  • Complete steel sheeted enclosure with large walk in door
  • Sliding opening for frost fighter ducting or coil stove exhaust
  • Pre-cut openings for exhaust of frost fighter and generator

Wooden Rod Sloop

Classic design with improvements that make it workable in today’s environment.


  • 16” I beam skids shoed with 2 strips of ½’ Hardox wear bar
  • Heavy duty hitch with universal tongue
  • Front storage compartment
  • Completely bolted design allowing for disassembly to ship to remote locations
  • Capacity of 870 Metres of NQ drill rod


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